Suggestions for hassle free operating of the M-1 Pro Label Printing Machine.

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1.                  When removing tubing from the machine, press Remove & Enter. Note: Make sure that the tubing is out of the head assembly before pulling tubing out of the machine. Failure to do this will damage the rollers and the machine head at great expense.

2.                  When feeding tubing into the machine always cut the lead tubing to a ± 45° angle.

3.                  Don't run the machine for more than 30 minutes continuously, take a 10 min break to allow the rollers to cool down. Pressure causes the rollers to heat up and stretch, this can result in costly roller replacement.

4.                  Do not run machine continuously for hours on end it is not a Heavy Duty Production Machine. 

5.                  Make sure there is no obstruction as the tubing leaves the machine. Any obstruction to the tubing on exiting the machine will cause the tubing to crunch up in the machine head. This can cause damage to the machine head and or rollers.

6.                  Make sure that the tubing can be fed easily into the machine without it having to pull excessively on the tubing, otherwise strain on the head and rollers will result, causing costly repair to the rollers and machine head. If you are feeding off a roll then a special feed roller needs to be installed to alleviate any undue stress on the rollers and head this can be purchased as an optional extra.

7.                  It is recommended that tubing be cut into lengths of 1-2 meters long. This will relieve any undue strain on your machine resulting in a longer roller life and unnecessary repairs due to crunching of material as well as material twist which is caused by material coming off the rolls.

8.                  Keep your machine clean from dust etc.

9.                  Don’t mess liquid on your machine as this will cause it to fail instantly. In the event of a spill, switch of immediately and send it in for a service.

10.             Remember to send your machine in for a service after every 100 meters of tubing. This will result in a longer life for your machine.

11.             Make sure all materials, bits and pieces of tubing are removed and machine is free from any obstructions before starting a new run.

12.             Constantly make sure the cutting head is clear of cut tubing.